Corporate Counselling



To provide cost effective counselling services for staff on an adhoc basis supporting them in times of need.  Stress in the work place is a constant and the Wellbeing of your Staff is top priority.  Absence due to personal or professional induced mental health crisis costs Companies dearly. 


My role as a Business Counsellor is to ensure all staff are given the very best independent counselling support, whilst keeping the Company objective in mind. 


Early intervention is key.  Ultimately, if a Company can provide a service on an ad-hoc basis when required it will ensure that their workforce remain at work, and more importantly effective whilst at work.  Good Mental Health is crucial to the success of any business whether people, product or service driven.  Employees are a Company’s biggest investment so it makes financial sense to maintain their functionality the same way that maintenance of machinery is invested in. 

Services Offered

As an Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist I utilise a number of counselling modalities to include person centred, psychodynamic, CBT and REBT.  What does this really mean?  It means that I am able to tailor my counselling approach to benefit both the organisation and the individual client.  Effective counselling techniques are the key to engaging quickly with clients and seeing results fast, without compromising the support I am providing.


I offer the traditional face to face counselling for a number of clients.  However, by embracing today’s technology I am also able to offer Skype or FaceTime and telephone counselling which has proven to be an effective option.  The flexibility of using technology helps eliminate wasted travel time, overcomes geographical location and opens up the service to everyone as timings can often be more flexible.


Employee Wellbeing is not only a hot topic at the moment but crucial if a Company is to get the very best out of the staff they invest in.  Whether an employee has a professional or personal issue the chances are that it is going to affect them in the workplace.  This can have a big impact on the employee themselves, other staff members that work alongside them in the workplace, the Company itself, and the individual’s family and friends. 


Life, in general, generates some difficult problems to negotiate that can sometimes be overwhelming.  It is often underestimated just how many man hours are lost in Companies every day due to stress-related absenteeism, or under effective work whilst in the workplace.  Whether the issues relate to work or personal, relationship worries, poor health, trauma, loss, depression or anxiety, they will all have an effect on the individuals’ ability to work effectively.    Talking and working with an independent Counsellor, in a confidential, non-judgemental environment can provide space and understanding, leading to clarity that a person needs in times of distress or uncertainty, helping them to restore a feeling of balance which means that they can focus on work when in work.  


Mandy Baker, Baker Labels

We've have worked with Jayne over the last few years, we consider her our in-house Counsellor, and an intergral part of our Wellbeing Programme within our business.  We can refer an employee to Jayne to deal with issues that we don't feel our managers are qualified to manage, and requires a professional intervention.  We spend money on maintaining our machinery, so it makes sense to invest in our employees welfare so that they are productive at work.  Jayne's previous business background means that she understands what our business needs, while maintaining a strong relationship with our employees.